Johnson Spurrier Not Offered Membership at Augusta


The rumor mill is awash with reports that Steve Spurrier will be coaching the University of South Carolina football team next year. And right behind it are also rumors that, as a perk of the position, Spurrier, an avid golfer will be offered a membership at Augusta National Golf Club.
The rumors are totally false, says Hootie Johnson, Augusta National chairman. Perks are not the business of the club, he declared. Johnson played fullback for the South Carolina in the 1950s.
To state or imply that a membership at Augusta National Golf Club would be linked to any job or position is completely false, said Johnson. An invitation to become a member of Augusta National is very special and would never be tied to anything except personal relationships within this club.
The city of Augusta, Ga., is separated from the state of South Carolina only by the Savannah River. Columbia, the home of the University of South Carolina, is less than 100 miles away.
Spurrier, a former Duke University and University of Florida football coach, recently took his name out of the running for the Florida position. His most recent job was with the Washington Redskins of the National Football League.
Current South Carolina head coach Lou Holtz is a member at Augusta National.