Karrie Webb Press Conference Transcript


Q. You worked or your putting after your rounds yesterday. Did things come a little bit easier today?
KARRIE WEBB: Yes and no. I am just not really making anything right now. And you know, I have made plenty in the last couple of years and I am just not seeing them go in right now which, you know, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. And I definitely had my fair share the last couple of years. So I am just going to continue working on it and hopefully they will start dropping.
Q. Talk a little bit about the pressures repeating at a major especially on this tough course?
KARRIE WEBB: I don't know so much about having pressure when you are defending champion. To me, I just think that you -- obviously winning last year, you have the best memories of last year and the best feelings and stuff like that which I think is a positive rather than a negative as pressure. I don't really see it as that. I don't think that it is a problem for me to defend. I have played a lot of tournaments, defended a lot of tournaments and actually won quite a few of the tournaments that I have defended. So I don't see it as a negative at all.
Q. Annika has been very open about saying that what you have done the past two years has motivated her to pick her game and answer the challenge, so to speak. Do you feel any of that now in light of what she has done the past few weeks?
KARRIE WEBB: Sure. I definitely think obviously you know, -- I feel like there is areas in my game for improvement, but -- and I think I need to do that just to maintain the level of golf that I played the last couple of years. And obviously Annika has stepped it up a notch and I am going to have to improve my game to keep up and but no matter what she is doing, I want to improve my game anyway. I want to become a better player myself. She is obviously, you know, making me probably trying to do it a bit quicker or put more effort into it. But I have got 5 weeks off now which I think I need mentally. I need the break from playing tournament-golf and work on my game a little bit as well.
Q. Is there such a thing as a rivalry? Is the rivalry thing born again or is there such a thing about a rivalry in golf?
KARRIE WEBB: Well, I think when two players you know, play consistently well year-in and year-out, I think that -- obviously I have the highest respect for Annika's game and I know that, you know, I have to play good -- if we are coming down the stretch I know I have to play the very best golf. I hung around here at 4-under but not really thinking that I had much of a chance unless something unlikely was to happen. I thought I needed to get to easily 6 at the start of the day, but the way it was panning out I thought if I could at least get to 5 that might put a bit of pressure on, but two shots is always more of a comfort zone rather than 1. I just didn't do enough this week. But as far as the word rivalry goes, obviously if we are going to be in contention as much as we have been the last few years, we are going to come up against one another pretty often and Annika is just as competitive as I am and we both want to win the tournaments and be the best that we can. So obviously sometimes we are going to stands in each other's way of doing that. So I guess you can probably call that a rivalry.
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