Levi Kicks off Career Year at BellSouth


Levi, WayneThey say that golf is a sport in which the average professional excels during his or her late 20s and then throughout his or her 30s. That couldnt be any truer than for Wayne Levi.
Yet, while many good players can extend their careers well into their 40s, that hasnt necessarily been the case with Levi. His career has been one of streaks.
Born in Little Falls, N.Y. in February of 1952, Levi started playing the PGA Tour as a 23-year-old in 1975. He notched his first win on tour in 1979 at the Houston Open. At the time, he was 27 years-old.
For the next 11 years, Levi poured in 11 wins, and became one of the best in the business. He never won any major championships, but was the kind of guy that, say, a Loren Roberts has become today.
Levis career climaxed in 1990, however. And it started at the BellSouth Classic in Atlanta.
Levi won that one, his first victory in five years, since the 85 B.C. Open And then, seemingly out of nowhere, he went on a tear that probably surprised even himself.
Wayne Levi won the Centel Western Open, the Greater Harford Open and the Canadian Open all in that same year of 1990. He was awarded the PGA Tour Player of the Year Award, and seemed like he was just coming into his true prime at the ripe age of 38.
It wasnt to be, however.
Wayne Levi did not follow up his banner year of 90 with more wins in 91. He didnt collect any in 92 for that matter. And nada in 93.
In the years since, Levi has only managed to crack the top-5 three times since that stellar season of 1990.
It has been a rather strange phenomenon, in that he played very consistently for a number of years, then had an absolutely breakout season, only to basically fall off the face of the earth.
But, as anyone who has played golf knows, it is a rather strange game. Yes, most pros play well throughout their 30s, but while some can manage to extend their careers into their later years, many dont.
Wayne Levi will be turning 50 soon, and it is doubtful that hes too worried about it, though. Hes had a good career. Hes a winner. Hes beat the best in the world, and at one special time, was the best in the world. Many play for years and never even see one trophy for all their hard work.
But thats just the way it is folks. Thats just golf.