LPGA to Discuss Korean Fathers


Ladies Professional Golf AssociationLPGA Tour players have been whispering for months that some fathers of Korean players might be guilty of improper coaching during tournaments.
Golf World reports this week that the LPGA has called a meeting at the Wendy's Championship in Ohio to discuss a series of accusations, including one that a father moved his daughter's ball from behind a tree.
LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw told the magazine the meeting was ''to make sure they understand the rules and regulations of the LPGA and the rules of golf.''
Some players have complained that fathers stand behind greens as a directional marker, use hand signals to indicate the right club selection and offer advice in Korean -- all of which violates the Rules of Golf. Players can only receive assistance from caddies.
Votaw declined comment on the allegation that a father moved his daughter's ball.
''There are a number of issues that need to be addressed,'' he said. ''That's why we're having the meeting. Many of these are 'he-said, she-said' situations with no corroborating evidence.''
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