LPGAs Votaw Reacts to Martin Ruling


In the wake of the Supreme Courts ruling in favor of Casey Martin in his battle with the PGA Tour, the Ladies Professional Golf Association faces the possibility that the decision may someday affect their tour.
'In the coming weeks, the LPGA will give the court's decision a thorough review to determine how the decision and its applicable ADA requirements may affect the LPGA Tour's regulations and rules of competition,' said LPGA Commissioner Ty Votaw.
'I think everyone agrees that Casey Martin is a courageous young man, a talented competitor and good for golf, but this case involved issues far greater than Casey's situation.
'The LPGA supported the PGA Tour's position that an association's rules and regulations for competition must be the same for all competitors.
Currently, the LPGA Tour's rules mirror the PGA Tour's in that they require competitors to walk during the course of competition. The LPGA does not have any pending requests or situations involving this or similar issues at this time.
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