Lunn Gets Ladies European Tour Post


The Robe di Kappa Ladies European Tour has appointed Australia's Karen Lunn the chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding Mette Hageman.

Englands Trish Johnson also quit the post as a director after three years
service to the LET. Replacing Hageman and Johnson are Alexandra Armas Nicole Stillig.

Lunn ia a 19-year veteran of the LET with seven wins to her credit.

Im absolutely honored and privileged to be elected as chairman and my goal during my tenure is to see the tour become as strong again as it was in the late 80s, said Lunn.

Ive played on all of the world tours and at times I was one of the best players and at other times Ive been one of the worst, therefore I feel I can represent the players from every perspective.

I hope that with my experience, I can help the staff and players achieve the goals we all strive for in making the tour as strong as it possibly can be.