Mallon with New Lease on Life


Just two days after being released from an Indiana hospital after undergoing minor heart surgery, Meg Mallon says she feels like she has a new lease on life.
Its a weird feeling. I feel really lucky, actually, she told The Golf Channel by phone from her home in Ocean Ridge, Fla.
Meg Mallon
Meg Mallon celebrates after clinching the Solheim Cup for the U.S.
Mallon, 42, was diagnosed with Supraventricular Tachycardia, a cardiac rhythm disturbance that results in a racing heartbeat. Mallon went through a procedure on Tuesday in which heat distributed through a catheter destroyed a small piece of tissue where the rhythm arises.
She was taken by ambulance to The Heart Center of Indiana after the closing ceremonies of the Solheim Cup on Sunday when her heart rate increased to as many as 290 beats per minute.
We were on the bus coming back from the closing ceremonies; we were dancing and singing and having a great time. And all of a sudden, I couldnt catch my breath. And my heart started racing. I told Beth Daniel and Christina Kim, I cant get my heart to stop racing, recalled Mallon, who made the Cup clinching putt.
Paramedics were contacted immediately and Mallon was rushed to the hospital. Dr. Richard Fogel, who performed Mallons procedure, was actually in the gallery when Mallon won her singles match against Karen Stupples.
'As they say, timing is everything. To have these doctors that actually teach this procedure, and are world-renown, was just amazing that they were right there,' she said.
Mallon was forced to withdraw from this weeks John Q. Hammons Hotel Classic, but hopes to compete in next weeks Office Depot Championship in Los Angeles.
My heart feels better than ever, said Mallon.
This wasnt the first time Mallon had experienced a rapid heart rate. She said she was misdiagnosed with panic attacks in her mid-teens, when actually ' as doctors now tell her ' she had SVT.
Mallon said that surgery has fixed the disorder and she doesnt anticipate future problems.
Amazingly, PGA Tour player David Toms was diagnosed with the same disorder this week. He was rushed off the course Thursday after nine holes of the 84 Lumber Classic in Pennsylvania. He was released from the hospital Friday and was feeling fine.
Mallon said its a strange coincidence that both players were affected in the same week, but that it could turn out to be a positive thing for not only both players, but other affected with SVT.
Maybe the two of us are meant to be out there and be the faces for people who have basically suffered through this for a long time, not knowing what they have, she said.