Marc OHairs Faxed Statement


Editor's Note: Below is the letter faxed to the Golf Channel by Marc O'Hair, father of PGA Tour player Sean O'Hair. (Return to Full Article)
To the media:
Because I love Sean, I put a long-term plan together and financed it producing one of the best young players in the world. I demanded long hours and a commitment to excellence that I do not regret. You are just now seeing what I knew all alonghes a player. In those stale years from the fall of 99 thru the fall of 02, Seans game went into seclusion as a result of being bitterly frustrated because he was stuck between adolescence and young adulthood. We adults can definitely remember this time in our lives. As a rookie parent, I didnt recognize the problem and we had a very painful split. It wasnt until after Seans marriage that I realized that he simply needed his independence from me and wanted his own space with his woman to spread his eagle wings and fly. But Sean and his wife, in almost a vindictive tantrum, began a media assault a couple of years ago that has branded me forever. I wish Sean had just given me a call to tell me how bitter he was and why he was so bitter instead of unfairly bashing me in the press. There were so many twisted truths and outright lies told about me in the media. Its amazing to me how freedom of the press can so quickly become freedom of the oppressor. I would have responded to the media blitzes in the past but didnt at my wife Brendas request. She always thought that the tripe would end sooner or later. But Brenda now sees that every time Sean is in contention, I get hammered. It makes my life miserable. Even though Sean must sooner or later assume responsibilities for his own actions, I will bail him out of another one of his problems by releasing him from liability concerning the contractshe is freehe owes me nothing. And in closing, I would like to tell all my dear friends in the media to kiss my ass.
Marc OHair
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