Masters Awards More Than the Green Jacket


Last year, Danny Green and Gabriel Hjertstedt missed the cut at the Masters, but neither walked away empty-handed.
Everyone knows the winner of the Masters Tournament receives a green jacket. But thats not the only prize given out each year.
In addition to the outerwear, the champion has his name engraved on the permanent Masters trophy, which remains at Augusta National. He also gets a sterling replica of the trophy and a gold medal.
The runner-up also has his name engraved on the permanent trophy. To boot, he gets a silver medal and a silver salver (serving tray).
The low amateur is awarded a silver cup, while the amateur runner-up gets a silver medal. You have to make the cut in order to be eligible for either prize.
Each day, the player or players with the lowest score receive a crystal vase. If you record an ace, you get a large crystal bowl - the same award given to anyone with a double eagle. An eagle is worth a pair of crystal goblets.
Last year, Green and Hjertstedt collected a pair of goblets. They were two of 16 players to leave Augusta with some form of gold, silver, crystal or green.
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