Masters Volunteer


As someone who is blessed to have gotten a position as a volunteer for the Masters, I get to play each year. It is our reward for our hard work. Let me tell you, the course is set up in tournament condition, even the greens. And yes, they are that fast! The adage about practice putting in you bath tub and trying to stop it before it gets to the drain is true. The ANGC is so gracious to us, and it's something we cherish.
I have played about 10 times, and with all the great memories of birdies and 'others', what is remembered the most is standing on the first tee (we all tee off on #1) in front of a gaggle of fellow volunteers, and trying to pull that driver back. It feels like it weighs 100 pounds. If you smooth one down the middle, your year is complete. If not, hey, it's still surreal.
- Dan
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