Match Play Results from Rds 1 2


First Round
Aree Song, Korea, def. Emily Bastel, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, 4 and 3.
Laura Cross, Midlothian, Texas, def. Naree Song, Korea, 5 and 4.
Aimee Cho, Orlando, Fla., def. Elizabeth Janangelo, West Hartford, Conn., 4 and 3.
Irene Cho, La Habra, Calif., def. Laura Shanahan-Rowe, Bedford, N.H., 4 and 3.
Virada Nirapathpongporn, Thailand, def. Cecilia Barksdale, Columbia, S.C., 4 and 3.
Ashley Hoagland, Palmetto, Fla., def. Allison Martin, Bakersfield, Calif., 3 and 2.
Sarah Huarte, Shingle Springs, Calif., def. Leeann Fairlie, Oklahoma City, 5 and 4.
Whitney Wade, Glasgow, Ky., def. Violeta Retamoza, Mexico, 2 and 1.
In-Bee Park, Eustis, Fla., def. Katie Connelly, Madison, Wis., 2 and 1.
Lindsay Hulwick, Littleton, Colo., def. Beth Hermes, Dixon, Ill., 2 and 1.
Brittany Lang, Mckinney, Texas, def. Kristin Tamulis, Naples, Fla., 3 and 1.
Charlotte Mayorkas, Chula Vista, Calif., def. Shayna Miyajima, Wailuku, Hawaii, 5 and 4.
Lisa Meldrum, Canada, def. Alice Kim, Los Angeles, 5 and 4.
Katie Futcher, The Woodlands, Texas, def. Kristen White, Doylestown, Pa., 21 holes.
Mallory Underwood, Montgomery, Texas, def. Da Sol Chung, Republic of Korea, 3 and 2.
Ashley Knoll, The Woodlands, Texas, def. Courtney Wood, Brentwood, Tenn., 5 and 4.
Maru Martinez, Venezuela, def. Michelle Wie, Honolulu, 1 up.
Kwan-Chih Lu, Chinese Taipei, def. Leah Hart, Australia, 3 and 2.
Hsiao-Ching Lu, Chinese Taipei, def. Avery Kiser, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., 2 and 1.
Becky Lucidi, Poway, Calif., def. Ashley Rollins, Austin, Texas, 5 and 3.
Jane Park, Oak Valley, Calif., def. Robin Burke, Houston, 3 and 2.
Nuria Clau, Spain, def. Ellen Port, St Louis, Mo., 1 up.
Diana Ramage, Fayetteville, Ga., def. Carmen Alonso, Spain, 2 up.
Kathy Hartwiger, Birmingham, Ala., def. Charlotte Campbell, Heathrow, Fla., 3 and 2.
Erica Blasberg, Corona, Calif., def. Allison Fouch, Grand Rapids, Mich., 6 and 5.
Tania Elosegui, Spain, def. Mina Harigae, Monterey, Calif., 4 and 2.
Sarah Sasse, Lincoln, Neb., def. Sally Krueger, San Francisco, 2 and 1.
Kailin Downs, Bend, Ore., def. Ashley Gomes, Pleasanton, Calif., 1 up.
Paula Creamer, Pleasanton, Calif., def. Amy Schmucker, Cold Spring, Minn., 6 and 4.
Ya-Ni Tseng, Chinese Taipei, def. Sydney Burlison, Salinas, Calif., 6 and 5.
Annie Thurman, Highland, Utah, def. Darby Sligh, North Augusta, S.C., 2 up.
Lisa Ferrero, Lodi, Calif., def. Katie Allison, Mahwah, N.J., 19 holes.

Second Round
Aree Song def. Laura Cross, 4 and 3.
Aimee Cho def. Irene Cho, 2 and 1.
Virada Nirapathpongporn def. Ashley Hoagland, 5 and 4.
Sarah Huarte def. Whitney Wade, 4 and 2.
In-Bee Park def. Lindsay Hulwick, 7 and 6.
Charlotte Mayorkas def. Brittany Lang, 19 holes.
Lisa Meldrum def. Katie Futcher, 19 holes.
Ashley Knoll def. Mallory Underwood, 6 and 4.
Kwan-Chih Lu def. Maru Martinez, 4 and 3.
Becky Lucidi def. Hsiao-Ching Lu, 4 and 2,
Jane Park def. Nuria Clau, 3 and 2.
Diana Ramage def. Kathy Hartwiger, 2 up.
Erica Blasberg def. Tania Elosegui, 3 and 2.
Kailin Downs def. Sarah Sasse, 1 up.
Paula Creamer def. Ya-Ni Tseng, 1 up.
Annie Thurman vs. Lisa Ferrero, suspended darkness.
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