Medalists Beaten in Public Links Championship


USGACo-medalists Nick Cassini and James Vargas were each beaten Thursday in the 76th U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship at the Pecan Valley Golf Course.
Cassini, of Athens, Ga., was beaten 3-and-2 in the third round of match play to Andrew Sanders, after he had advanced to that stage with a win over Hunter Mahan.
Vargas, a high school senior from Miami, Fla., fell to Danny Green 1-up in the mornings second round.
Green, a Jackson, Tenn. resident, then beat J.J. Wall 1-up in the afternoon to advance into Fridays quarterfinals.
The highest remaining seed entering the final two days is now third-seeded Adam Fuchs of Plainview, N.Y.
Fuchs advanced by way of a 5-and-4 victory over Matt Cohn and a 3-and-2 win over Jason Winter.
Results from the second and third rounds of match play at the 76th U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship played at the Pecan Valley Golf Club in San Antonio, Tex.:
Third Round:

Andrew Sanders (145) def. Nick Cassini (140), 3-and-2
Chez Reavie (144) def. Tom Ostasik (150), 22 holes
Alan Hill (149) def. Erik Compton (142), 1-up
Matthew Kohn (150) def. Jim Spagnolo (142), 3-and-2
Danny Green (147) def. J.J. Wall (149), 1-up
Mark Farrell (143) def. Ryan Dennis (150), 2-up
Adam Fuchs (141) def. Jason Winter (149), 3-and-2
Greg Puga (147) def. Jason Moon (146), 2-and-1
Second Round:
Nick Cassini (140) def. Hunter Mahan (147), 2-and-1
Andrew Sanders (145) def. Adam Auger (149), 7-and-5
Chez Reavie (144) def. Brett Foulds (146), 3-and-2
Tom Ostasik (150) def. Billy Dressler (146), 2-up

Erik Compton (142) def. Jason Harris (147), 2-and-1
Alan Hill (149) def. Camilo Benedetti (144), 21 holes
Jim Spagnolo (142) def. Ben Dickerson (147), 2-and-1
Matthew Kohn (150) def. William Witte (149), 3-and-2
Danny Green (147) def. James Vargas (140), 3-and-2
J J Wall (149) def. Erik Billinger (149), 1-up
Mark Farrell (143) def. Jim Seki (148), 2-and-1
Ryan Dennis (150) def. Everett Grimes III (149), 5-and-4

Adam Fuchs (141) def. Matt Cohn (148), 5-and-4
Jason Winter (149) def. Michael Austin (149), 2-up
Greg Puga (147) def. William Link IV (151), 20 holes
Jason Moon (146) def. Sam Covitz (150), 2-and-1
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