Meningitis Responsible for Chitengwas Death


Chitengwa, LewisAccording to a report in the Edmonton Sun, it was a rare and deadly case of meningitis that killed 26-year-old golfer Lewis Chitengwa on Saturday.
Chitengwa, complaining of flu-like symptoms, visited the Misericordia Hospital at approximately 7am on Saturday, but was released not even two hours later, as no serious symptoms were diagnosed.
According to the Sun, however, no blood tests were taken.
At approximately 2:15pm on that same afternoon, Chitengwa withdrew from the Canadian Tours TELUS Edmonton Open and was rushed to the University of Alberta Hospital, where he was pronounced dead within the hour.
The decision (to release him) was madebecause it was flu-like symptoms, Kelly Eby, a spokesman for Capital Health, told the Sun.
They checked for meningitis, but there was no indication of it at the timehe didnt have a stiff neck or any telltale spots.
Those statements were not good enough for Chitengwas father, Lewis Chitengwa, Sr. He told the Sun his family was still in shock of the news.
We want to know what really happened, stated Chitengwa. Its not good enough to say someone doesnt have a stiff neck. They have to give blood tests so they dont misdiagnose these things because it can be treated.
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