Mickelson Intrigued by Idea of Annika Playing


Annika Sorenstam's agent, Mark Steinberg, told The Golf Channel Friday that 'eight or nine tournament directors' have contacted him with expressed interest in Annika playing in their PGA Tour event.
Steinberg, who also represents Tiger Woods, said Sorenstam would weigh her options over the next couple of weeks and decide which tournament, if any, would be a good fit for the top female player in the world.
Phil Mickelson, for one, would like to see Sorenstam play in a men's event.
'The PGA Tour has always said it's about having the best players in the world compete. And we have never differentiated male or female,' he said.
'It's just that there are a select few female players that can compete on the PGA Tour. I think it's very possible to compete out here - for some females who have the strength to hit the ball a long ways. I think it'll be a challenge for them, though, with all the force carries over pins over bunkers, hard greens. I think it'll be very difficult to shoot low scores when you're not coming in with short irons.
'But I think it's very feasible and something that I think can be very good for the LPGA if they were able to play well and be successful.'
It could hinder the cause of the LPGA, of course, he said. But give Sorenstam the right course and it could be interesting. Harbour Town, for example?

'That would be a good one, yeah,' said Mickelson. 'Harbour Town I would expect her to do well at. And from what I gather, she's been hitting the ball increasingly longer distances, too. So I wouldn't be surprised. I wanted to see Laura Davies a few years ago when she was playing well and doing well on the LPGA play out here, because I thought she could have done very well.'
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