NCAA Mens Golf Under Review


The Golf Coaches Association of America (GCAA) recently received a memorandum from the NCAA for their plans to address the time demands on student-athletes, including varsity men's collegiate golf.
The NCAA Division I Championships/Competition Cabinet Playing & Practice Season Subcommittee requested that the GCAA return one completed survey, representing the feelings of all Division I coaches in men's golf and return it to the NCAA by October 25.
An excerpt from the memorandum went as follows:
'Reduce time demands on student-athletes and permit those individuals to pursue athletic and academic achievement as well as participate in the social and cultural activities of their respective institutions.'
A conference call by the GCAA National Advisory Board was held on October 2 to discuss the situation. Afterwards the NAB directed the GCAA National Office to forward the NCAA coaches survey to all Division I coaches. Sent via e-mail on October 9, they requested the survey to be returned to the GCAA no later than October 18 so they could meet the NCAA's deadline of the 25th.
'Obviously the GCAA is concerned anytime there is consideration for a significant change in the way that men's collegiate golf is conducted,' said GCAA Executive Director Gregg Grost. 'In this case potentially reducing the number of days that coaches are allowed to play, practice, compete and interact with their student-athletes is a major issue.'
Grost hopes each Division I coach will take the time to review their thoughts on the matter so as to give an accurate view to the NCAA subcommittee from the coaches association.
The NAB also came up with a student-athlete survey which was designed to allow the student-athletes in men's golf a voice on the proposed legislation.