Nelson Ripe for a Recovery


2005 Fed-Ex KinkoHe may win or he may not win, but you can bet on one thing when Larry Nelson defends his championship at the FedEx Kinkos Classic in Austin, Texas, this weekend ' Nelson will know where he stands at every moment of the way.
Nelson will watch will gander at every scoreboard. Its one of the perks of being a professional golfer, he says.
I love watching the scoreboard, says Nelson. I mean, to me, I have the cheapest ticket in town.
I love to watch golf. I love to watch the scoreboard and what's happening. To me, it's kind of exciting. I enjoy watching it. So out of the corner of my eye, both eyes, or whatever, I look at the scoreboard and just see what everybody is doing and see what the competition is doing.
Nelson has been seeing his name down the list of competitors this year, though. Last year he finished second in putting. This year he stands 31st. Four of his first six rounds were in the 60s, but that was back in January when he was putting together his 4-of-6 run.
You never know when the last tournament you're going to win is going to be,' said Nelson philosophically. 'You have to enjoy it. I'm still having fun as long as I'm making more money than I spend.'
However, he has a history of getting better when his play has been less than stellar. Could this be the week?
I think most of the time my swing gets better under pressure, Nelson said. I don't know if it actually tightens up. It's too loose in the beginning and it actually tightens up to where it's pretty good, but it seems like that I've hit and played some of my best rounds under pressure.
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