Nielson Opens Match Play With Win


PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - Lonnie Nielsen of East Aurora, N.Y., won the first four holes Tuesday in his first test of the 40th annual PGA Match Play Championship at the PGA Golf Club.
A two-time former champion, Nielsen went on to spank Mike Joyce of Amelia Island, 6 and 5. 'I played badly but he didn't give me much of a chance,' Joyce said. 'I never made a birdie and he had two. I only won two holes, the fifth and 12th, both with pars.'
The head professional at Crag Burn Golf Club, Nielsen won the first, third and fourth holes with pars and the second with birdie. The winner of back-to-back Match Plays in 1987-88, Nielsen had a first round bye. He plays Frank Dully of Salem, Mass., in the third round Wednesday.
Also advancing were Rick Vershure of Armonk, N.Y., the winner in 1990 and 1993, and 1999 champion Jerry Tucker of Stuart, Fla. Defending champion Bruce Zabriski of Jupiter, Fla., withdrew Tuesday morning.
Vershure beat Tony Saraceno of Cortland, N.Y., 2 and 1, and Tucker ousted Rusty Gunnarson of Mattapoisett, Mass., 6 and 5.
The championship continues through Monday with the winner earning $4,500 from the $52,130 purse.
The results:
Mo Guttman, Boston, Mass., d. Ryan Garrity, Wilmington, N.C., 2 and 1.
Mike Melton, Old Westbury, N.Y., d. Roy Vucinich, Moon Township, Pa., 1-up.
Allen Santos, Lowell, Mass., d. Chris Tucker, Fort Mill, S.C., 1-up.
Colin Amaral, Hamden, Conn., d. Jim Sheerin, Rye Beach, N.H., 19th hole.
Robert Jan, Northbrook, Ill., d. Eddie Langert, LaQuinta, Calif., 7 and 6.
Jason Gobleck, White Plains, N.Y., d. Bob Placido, Albion, Ind., 3 and 2.
Jerry Tucker, Stuart, d. Rusty Gunnarson, Mattapoisett, Mass., 6 and 5.
Jim Smoot, Huntington, N.Y., d. Bill Andrews, Port Smith, N.H., 2-up.
Denny Ford, Indianapolis, Ind., d. Roger Kennedy, Stuart, 3 and 2.
Brad Peck, Madison, Wis., d. Jason Waters, Rye, N.Y., 3 and 2.
David Comstock, Port St. Lucie, d. Bob Nelson, Bloomfield, Conn., 2 and 1.
Kevin Morris, Armonk, N.Y., d. Lloyd Monroe, Spring Lake, N.J., 1-up.
Andy Shuman, Lake Zurich, Ill., d. John Perkins, Olympia Fields, Ill., 6 and 5.
Bob Ralston, Little Rock, Ark., d. Tom Baldwin, Ludington, Mich., 4 and 3.
Jeff Schroeder, Indianapolis, Ind., d. John Reeves, Harrison, N.Y., 19th hole.
Rocco Cambareri, Yorktown, N.Y., d. Scott Seifferlein, Whitehall, Mich.,19th hole.
Dan Tzivanis, Stamford, Conn., d. John Kerins, Hermitage, Pa., 1-up.
Kirk Hanefeld, Westford, Mass., d. Glenn Davis, Delmar, N.Y., 5 and 4.
Steve Heckel, Carterville, Ill., d. Stan McLennan, Suffield, Conn., 2 and 1.
Mike Martin, New Haven, Conn., d. Jan Urso, Lake Worth, 3 and 2.
John Gatta, West Sayville, N.Y., d. David Eby, Wellington, 2 and 1.
Tony DeMaria, Port Chester, N.Y., d. Josh Desiena, Yorktown Heights, N.Y., 2 and 1.
Tom Joyce, Long Island, N.Y., d. Brian Gaffney, Westfield, N.J., 2 and 1.
Dino Lucchesi, Round Lake Beach, Ill., d. David Graulau, Romeo, Mich., 7 and 6.
Sam Olson, Redding, Conn., d. Peter Procops, Scarborough, N.Y., 4 and 3.
Tim Troy, Woodbridge, Ill., d. William Robinson, Olympia Fields, Ill., 2 and 1.
Ray Rash, Dayton, Ohio, d. Charles Stucklen, Blue Point, N.Y., 19th hole.
John Pershern, Bloomfield Hills, Mich., d. Kris Smith, Detroit Lakes, Minn., 2 and 1.
Rick Vershure, Armonk, N.Y., d. Tony Saraceno, Cortland, N.Y., 2 and 1.
Frank Bensel, Purchase, N.Y., d. Matt Kleiner, Callicoon, N.Y., 4 and 3.
Randy Cochran, Deerfield, Ill., d. Gary Hardin, Bethlehem, Pa., 3 and 2.
Jamie Fordyce, Asbury Park, N.J., d. James Miller, Northbrook, Ill., 4 and 3.
Bill Baldwin, Franklin, Mich., d. Adam Decker, Philipsburg, Pa., 1-up.
Tim Angis, Saco, Maine, d. Shelby Lowman, Greenwich, Conn., 4 and 3.
Nick Manolios, Mount Kisco, N.Y., d. William Nash, Lakeview, N.Y., 3 and 1.
Larry Emery, St. Louis, Mo., d. David Carazo, Tuxedo, N.Y., 5 and 4.
Peter Busch, Short Hills, N.J., d. Adam Corson, Port St. Lucie, 2 and 1.
Tony Kelley, Holyoke, Mass., d. Jamie Kilmer, Greenwich, Conn., 3 and 2.
Tom Hewes, Red Wing, Minn., d. Steven Antenucci, Pittsburgh, Pa., 5 and 4.
Bob Darling, Lewiston, Maine. D. Jim Owen, Sarasota, 4 and 3.
Rob Labritz, Fairfield, Conn., d. Mike Preston, Westfield, N.J., 5 and 3.
Tom Sipula, River Vale, N.J., d. Mike Harrigan, Medinah, Ill., 4 and 3.
Mike Baker Jr., Bar Harbor, Maine, d. Mark Faulkner, Carterville, Ill., 3 and 1.
Gary Ostrega, Westfield, N.J., d. Mike Tucker, St. Louis, Mo., 5 and 4.
John Hayes, St. Louis, Mo., d. Steve Benson, Long Grove, Ill., 3 and 2.
Bob Afton, West Palm Beach, d. Jeb Boyle, State College, Pa., 3 and 2.
Brett Melton, Chicago, Ill., d. Dale Boggs, St. Louis, Mo., 3 and 2.
Jeff Hunter, Columbia, Ill., d. James Boyle, Cadillac, Mich.,1-up.
Lee Danielian, Southborough, Mass., d. Scott Dietrich, Greenwich, Conn., 3 and 2.
Joe Cordani, Simsbury, Conn., d. Robert Dolan, Chevy Chase, Md., 3 and 2.
Chris Campbell, Vero Beach, d. Dan Callahan, Chaska, Minn., 3 and 2.
John DiMarco, Mount Laurel, N.J., d. Tim Burr, Westfield, N.J., 4 and 2.
Lonnie Nielsen, East Aurora, N.Y., d. Mike Joyce, Amelia Island, 6 and 5.
Ray Ford, Scarsdale, N.Y., d. Davey Snyder, Akron, Ohio, 1-up.
Jerry Impellittiere, New Windsor, N.Y., d. Ken Peyre-Ferry, Marlton, N.J., 5 and 4.
Mike Demakos, Los Angeles, Calif., d. Brian Zinda, Fond Du Lac, Wis., 3 and 2.
Dan Fabian, West Palm Beach, d. Mike Thompson, Exton, Pa., 19th hole.
Chip Johnson, North Scituate, Mass., d. Tom Pegram, Lewisville, N.C., 1-up.