Norman Says Equipment Needs Scaling Back


MELBOURNE - Greg Norman says it - officials need to adopt new rules that would limit and standardize performances. That, he says, would protect the world's greatest golf courses. He made the remarks specifically about Royal Melbourne at the Heineken Classic, which will be played this week..
'Something has to be done or great courses like Royal Melbourne will be so badly degraded they'll be irrelevant,' Norman said.
Norman believes it is the technology of the golf ball that needs the most attention.
'The long players are still going to be the long players,' he said.
He says that the ability of players to hit the ball further and further these days is making the world's top golf courses defenseless.
'Royal Melbourne should never lose its top 10 status,' he said. 'As well as that, you've got to bring the variety back into the game, have players hitting their long and mid irons which they don't need to do now.'
Norman also had a word on the potential war against Iraq and his belief that Australia is right to support the United States.
'We've been side-by-side with the Americans in every war America has fought,' he said. 'We are great, loyal is what Australia has to do.
'We've got to back America and America backs us for what we did in the Coral Sea, New Guinea.....we were holding the fort there.
'We have to be with them.'