Northwests Jake Enjoys His Golf


Boeing Greater Seattle Champions ClassicPeter Jacobsen grew up in Portland, Ore., one of the few Champions Tour golfers to hail from the Pacific Northwest. This week he comes back to his home territory as the tour plays the Greater Seattle Champions Classic, a tournament which will be played for the first time.
And he remembers what it was like growing up in this area and playing golf.
When I was at the University of Oregon, I had a summer job which allowed me to work to make enough money to go play the U.S. Amateur and the Western Amateur, he recalled. Those were the only two amateurs I played in the summers when I was in school because I loved it.
I remember one year Curtis Strange and I went to the British Amateur, 1976. I saved up about $1,800 bucks and flew over and actually I sat in a jump seat or served drinks or whatever. I got the cheapest seat on the plane, went over and played at St. Andrews in the British Amateur because I loved the game. And for me to be able to be - I'm 51 now and I'm still playing golf.
Jacobsen is the No. 1 ambassador for the Champions Tour. Does he love the life of a professional golfer? Anybody can see that he does.
I do, Jacobsen agreed. And I appreciate the fact that it comes through and you recognize that. I started playing golf when I was a kid, and when I started playing competitive golf, I did it because I loved it.
I had a great career on the PGA Tour. I didn't win every week, but I didn't miss every cut. I was a contributor and a fairly solid player. So for me to continue to do this, I have a great appreciation for what the PGA Tour has done for me, what the Champions Tour does for me, what the USGA does.
And one of the main reasons he enjoys it so much is because of all the new cities ' Seattle comes to mind ' which he gets to experience.
The Championship Tour is fun because we go to a lot of new cities, he agreed. I like to go out and go to the top spots, the fun spots, the great places to eat, whether there's a sporting event, baseball team, movie theater, whatever, I like to get out.
And when he walks off the course, Jacobsen is ready to see the town.
I don't take my golf home with me, he said. If I shoot an 83 or a 63, I get done, I enjoy it or I kick my bag or whatever with the 83, but when I'm done I pretty much leave it there.
One thing that's important to know, and this is how I believe, what I shoot is my score. What I shoot isn't me. And unfortunately somebody said a lot of guys don't look like they enjoy their golf. I think too many guys identify with their score. They shoot a 63 they're awesome, they're a great guy; if they shoot an 80, they're a bum. That isn't true.
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