OConnor Continues Leg Rehabilitation


Christy O'Connor, Jr., continues rehabilitating his broken leg at his home in Ireland. It has been a slow, agonizing ordeal since the fracture, which occurred when a motorcycle purchased by his wife fell on him while he was polishing it three weeks ago.
'I've broken the tibia and fibula, both in the same place in the bottom of the leg,' said O'Connor. 'It's the second slowest part of the body to heal.'
He has slept very little since the accident. 'The pain has been ferocious,' he said. 'It takes about six or seven weeks (for the bone to start growing).'
His injury will prevent him from playing the Senior PGA Tour until next year. He says that among those who have called are Eamonn Darcy, Des Smyth, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino and Bob Charles.
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