OMearaCouples Defend Tiger


Mark OMeara and Fred Couples both defended Tiger Woods in the Augusta National controversy, saying Woods has been attacked unfairly by the New York Times and others who say he should skip next years Masters. Augusta National has been under fire recently to admit a woman.
I think it will happen someday, it will happen when Augusta wants it to happen, and I think Tiger will like the decision, said Couples. And so will I. And so will Mark OMeara.
But I just feel like, This poor kid, every time something happens, he needs to give a comment. And he does it with his golf clubs.
The pair made their views known in a conference call to discuss the ConAgra Skins Game which ended with the viewpoints.
I think its ridiculous, said OMeara. Why pick on Tiger, because hes No. 1 in the world? Because of his stature in the game?
There are other people who are members there that you can call, call out all the players. But to say that Tiger should not play because of this issue is just not right.
For Tiger to take a political stand ' you cant win, one side or the other. His stance would be that he wants to go win another green jacket at the Masters. There may be some things he does not agree with at Augusta National, but that doesnt keep him from coming to play.
Couples said he thinks it is an unfair question.
In a situation like this, I just think its highly unfair that anyone (should) throw him to the wolves to try and make him make a statement that, Im not gonna play, he said.
He plays golf for a living ' thats what he does. But I feel thats hes going to do better for the game of golf by just playing it and Tiger knows what hes doing. I dont think hes being ripped at any particular time, I just feel that its a little bit of nonsense when I see that. I immediately think, Boy, why dont they leave this kid alone?
At the same time, Couples can see both sides of the question.
I try and explain it to others just like I did ' you know, hes the best player, but for him to like a situation or not like it, I would feel worse as a player if he said, Hootie, you need a lady in there, and they did it. I dont see that happening, he said.