Outside Businesses Hamper Days Focus


Chalk up Glen Day's last two years to business interests which got in the way of his golf.
Day had shoulder surgery for one thing, which certainly didn't help. But his involvement in Flight Environments was a lot more than he expected.
'It ended up taking up a lot of my time that I did not think it would,' said Day. 'It's a great company, doing wonderful. I turned it over now, got people running things. I do not own it 100 percent, I have different partners. Everything is going good.'
The company makes sound-proofing and fire retardant for airplanes.
After finishing 15th on the money list in 1998, Day finished 34th in '99 and then 75th in 2000. He shot a 64 Thursday at the Genuity Championship.
[More excerpts from Glen Day's post-round press interview here.] 
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