Pate to Graduate College


Jerry Pate has won a United States Open Golf Championship. He has won a Players Championship. In all, he has triumphed eight times on the PGA Tour.
Yet, it is one feat that he has yet to accomplish which he says will mean just as much to him as any golf tournament.
Jerry Pate will be graduating from the University of Alabama this Saturday with a degree in Administrative Science. It will mark the end of a 30-year period from when he first began school.
Better yet, Pate will be graduating in the same class as his oldest daughter Jenny. She was accepted to the University of Alabama several years ago, about the same time Pate started taking courses again.
Now, they are both on the verge of diplomacy.
Said Pate: I really wanted to finish with Jenny. I took my time with the program. But with all the things you have going on, to slow down long enough to read and write and study and do all the things you have to do to graduate is really a hard task.
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