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For those lucky ones who have checked Augusta National Golf Club off their Courses Played list, the memories of that day will surely last a lifetime. Most commemorate the day with a souvenir logoed ball, a professionally matted photograph or scorecard, and all those other post-round trinkets the folks at American Express kindly thank you for purchasing. But for as long as those material memories might last, its the stories that are truly timeless.
Sure, everyones got stories about playing this course or that, this amazing shot on that difficult hole. But theres something about the word, Augusta that makes our ears perk.
In a Jim Nantz voice: Augusta National
See! We told you!
So for those who have a story, were here to listen! Maybe yours begins with the phone call invite you received, at which time you dropped everything, grabbed your clubs, and headed for Magnolia Lane. Perhaps it was re-enacting Jacks putt on 17. Or Tigers Win for the ages.
If you're like most of us and you don't have a story, but know someone who does, just send them the link to this article and tell them to share their story!
Send us your story by Monday, April 7. We'll compile the most intriguing ones, and publish them during Masters Week.
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