Popular Disney Pro Found Dead


The head teaching professional at Walt Disney World Resort, Kitione Kiti Maile, was found dead on Wed. Feb. 19th at cemetery just outside of Orlando.
Maile, age 58, was found by a worker at Woodlawn Memorial Park early Wednesday evening and the coroners office has not released the cause of death, and the Orange County Sheriffs Office said they were not looking for any suspects at the moment.
A native of Tonga, a small island in the South Pacific, Maile started working at the Disney resort in 1971 as a performer in the resorts Polynesian shows. It was at about the same time that Maile took up golf, playing and learning the game during the days and working at night.
Later, working as a golf apprentice at Disney, Maile then began a journey into the golf equipment business, starting his own company, Kiti and Taylor Enterprises, which produced one of the first long putters that are all the rage today. His long putter was called the Pole Kat and was used by PGA Tour star Bruce Lietzke as well as by President George Bush, who said Maile's putter cured his putting woes.
Maile came back to Disney in 1991 and eventually was named head professional. He was the first native of Tonga to become a PGA Class A professional.
He is survived by his wife, Vickie, and two children.