Quarterfinals Set at North and South Amateur


NCAA Collegiate Player of the Year Bryce Molder defeated Wynn Solle in 19 holes and then disposed of Nicholas Thompson 2-and-1 Wednesday to advance into the quarterfinals of the 101st North and South Amateur Championship held at Pinehurst No. 2.
The Georgia Tech student will now face David Sanchez of Charlotte, N.C.
Sanchez, a 23-year-old graduate from North Carolina State, beat Bret Guetz and then defending champion David Eger to move into Thursdays play.
I havent gotten my name out there the way I would have liked, claimed Sanchez who was winless in his career at N.C. State. I havent done anything really big. So if I could say I beat one of them that would help.
In other matches, medallist Jason Moon lost his second match of the day to Chad Wilfong 1-up, while U.S. Mid-Amateur Greg Puga lost to Michael Sims 1-up.
Results from the first and second rounds of match play at the 101st North and South Amateur Championship, played at the Pinehurst (N.C.) No. 2 course:
Second Round Upper Bracket

David Sanchez def. David Eger, 3-and-2
Bryce Molder def. Nicholas Thompson, 2-and-1
Brandt Snedeker def. Buddy Davis, 20 holes
Matt Weibring def. J.J. Killeen, 3-and-2
Lower bracket
Chad Wilfong def. Jason Moon, 1-up
Michael Webb def. David Passerell, 2-and-1
Franklin Hatchett def. Robert Gerwin, 2-and-1
Michael Sims def. Greg Puga, 1-up

First Round Upper Bracket

David Eger def. Jonathan Dismuke, 3-and-2
David Sanchez, def. Bret Guetz, 2-and-1
Bryce Molder def. Wynn Solle, 19 holes
Nicholas Thompson def. Tom Madden Jr., 19 holes
Brandt Snedeker def. Andy Matthews, 3-and-2
Buddy Davis def. Steve Sokol, 20 holes
J.J. Killeen def. Brendon DeJonge, 1-up
Matt Weibring def. Jack Croyle, 1-up
First Round Lower bracket
Jason Moon def. Michael Barbosa, 5-and-4
Chad Wilfong def. William McGirt III, 1-up
Michael Webb def. Steve Slayden, 19 holes
David Passerell def. Dustin Bray, 1-up
Robert Gerwin def. Lee Williamson, 1-up
Franklin Hatchett def. John Bloomfield, 1-up
Michael Sims def. James Stanofski, 7-and-6
Greg Puga def. Nathan Smith, 1-up
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