Quigley OK After Month Recuperating


2006 FedEx KinkoDana Quigley is back ' and thats a real story when you consider that the Champions Tour ironman misses a tournament about as often as the average player misses a 6-inch putt.
Quigley, though, last played in a tournament more than a month ago when he dropped out of the AT&T Classic in mid-event. He had begun feeling unsteady on his feet and wound up being taken from the course to the hospital in an ambulance.
It was like when youve just gotten off a boat, like on a cruise ship or something, and you have that light feeling under your feet, Quigley told PGA Tour.com. But he returns to action this week when he plays the FedEx Kinkos Classic near Austin, Texas.
At the hospital on the West Coast, doctors found that Quigleys blood pressure was extremely high - 180 over 120 - and immediately put him on medication. Quigley, who celebrated his 59th birthday two weeks ago, promptly made an appointment with a cardiologist in Florida.
He put me through every kind of test imaginable, said Quigley. And, the tests all showed that Quigley is normal.

Quigley, however, is still getting adjusted to his new medication which has lowered his blood pressure to a more normal 124 over 72. He still experiences brief periods of unsteadiness ' particularly in the morning.
Quigley, always one to look on the humorous side of the situation, gave the opinion that he needs to learn how to hit the ball when Im moving.
Quigley last year ended his streak of consecutive events played at 264 after suffering a hip injury. Doctors have told him that this situation is not related to that malady.
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