Rachel Teske Press Conference Transcript


RACHEL TESKE: The 1st hole I hit a 9-iron in to about 20 feet, made the putt for birdie. No. 6, I hit an 8-iron to about six feet, made the birdie. No. 6, I hit a 7-wood off the tee, yeah. No. 7, I hit a 6-iron to about 15 feet, made the putt. No. 12, hit a 7-iron to 15 feet, made the birdie. No. 14, I hit an 8-iron to about six feet, made the birdie. 15, I hit another 8-iron to about 20 feet, made the birdie.
Q. No birdies at the par 5's. Did you have chances?
RACHEL TESKE: Let's see. No. 2, I had a good chance. Well, I was short of the green about 20 yards. Really should have made it there. No. 9, I was about 80 yards out for my third shot, and hit a pretty good shot. Where else? 11, I missed the fairway there, so I had quite a long birdie putt there. No. 18, I hit it past the hole, long putt there. Probably 2 and 9 were my best chances.
Q. You've had some pretty good rounds at this tournament the last couple of years.
Q. Is this just someplace that you're comfortable? Is this a tournament that you aim for at the start of the year?
RACHEL TESKE: I really like the golf course here. I just feel comfortable playing it. You've got to hit your driver really well. I feel like you have to shape the shots off the tee a lot. I feel fairly good. It's always a challenge to be able to draw and fade the ball, and I really like that. You know, you just like the tournament, probably because mostly it's one of my favorite courses. I feel like I can play really well. When I putt well, you make a lot of birdies, end up with a good score. You know, since I've been able to play this tournament, it's been one of my goals really to win it because I love the golf course, and I just love the setup of the tournament.
Q. Is this the first time you've been in this position in a major?
RACHEL TESKE: Yeah, I think it probably would be. I haven't really played well in any of the majors that I can remember. I have a bad memory anyway.
Yeah, I think it probably definitely is.
Q. Will it worry you tomorrow?
Q. What is your thought process right now?
RACHEL TESKE: Well, today it was, you know, to drive the ball well and hit it in the fairways and make birdies from there. I think it will be the same tomorrow because the rough is thick, and you really have to hit it in the fairway to have a good shot at the hole, at the pins. So tomorrow, you know, probably pretty similar mindset: hit the fairways, make the most of my chances of birdie.
Q. When was the last time you had this good a putting round?
RACHEL TESKE: Let's see. I had a couple of good rounds in Phoenix last week. I think I had two 67s there. I putted fairly well that week, as well.
Q. How have you been putting during the year?
RACHEL TESKE: Putting pretty solid during the year actually. I started putting well in Florida at the beginning of the year, then didn't putt so good for a few weeks after that. Now it's coming back. Sort of comes and goes. I always feel like I putt fairly well. You know, there's just days where I make a lot, and there's days where I hit a lot of good putts and they don't go in.
Q. Any impatience not having won last year after the two wins the year before?
RACHEL TESKE: Not really impatience because I feel like my game has improved so much from when I won. I feel like I'm going to be able to put myself -- put myself in contention a lot more now because I feel I'm a better player now than I was then. I know I'm going to win sometime soon. You know, it will come.
Q. Did you approach today's round any differently from the first two rounds?
RACHEL TESKE: From the first two rounds?
Q. Yes.
RACHEL TESKE: I guess today I was probably just really -- I was really focused on playing well because Pat was out there at 6-under. You know, I really feel since the off-season, this is one tournament where I really wanted to play well. I feel this year I want to play a lot better in the majors. I guess Pat being 6-under, I really had to get out and play well today. I was really determined to do that, hit the fairways, give myself the best chance to do that.
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