Reality Series to Uncover Most Novel Golf Innovations


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Have you ever wanted to eat a golf tee while playing night golf wearing a pair of sandals? Or, dreamed of a way to get instant video feedback of your swing while playing a round? Its possible, according to a group of golfs idea architects who will be among the subjects of a new reality series on the GOLF CHANNEL titled 'Fore Inventors Only,' premiering July 10 at 10 p.m. ET.
A GOLF CHANNEL original production, the eight-episode series will showcase inventions from mainstream Americana that are ingenious, quirky and flat out strange. The series will capture the spirit of these inventors and their labors of love for what they believe to be the next big thing in golf.
Hosted by Vince Cellini, Fore Inventors Only scoured the country interviewing and auditioning more than 1,000 prospective inventors to find the 120 who will compete in the series.
The first stage of the competition will feature the 120 hopefuls auditioning their concepts to a notable panel of experts charged with determining who will continue in the competition. The chosen inventors will participate in field testing, where individuals from the world of sports and entertainment will test their products and provide feedback to the panelists.
Further narrowing will then test the candidates business plans to determine which products are the most feasible to produce and sell. Ultimately, viewers will cast their votes in an interactive live finale for the shows grand prize: product shelf space at a major golf retailer and the opportunity for the winning inventor to market his or her product worldwide via the GOLF CHANNEL.