Richardson On Track to Repeat Fathers Feat


Kemp Richardson defeated Lenwood Ladd 7 and 6 Monday to continue his bid for the U.S. Senior Amateur, the same event his father John won in 1987. If successful they would be the first father/son duo to win the same USGA championship.
Three former champions also moved into the second round of match play at Norwood Hills Country Club. Two-time winner Gordon Brewer (1994, '96), Cliff Cunningham (1997) and Bill Ploeger (1999) each won their Monday matches and stayed on track to return to the winner's circle.
Two-time British Senior Amateur champion (1996 and 2000) Joel Hirsch of Chicago, Ill., also advanced.
Among those knocked out in Monday's first round were stroke play medalist Joe Cadle and last year's runner-up Dick Van Leuvan.
The second and third rounds of match play will be contested Tuesday with the finals taking place Thursday.
The USGA Senior Amateur, for golfers age 55-and-older, is one of 13 national championships conducted annually by the United States Golf Association, 10 of which are strictly for amateurs.
Round One Results
Upper Bracket
Jerry Ellis, Oklahoma City, Okla. (156) def. Joe Cadle, Wichita Falls, Texas (142), 2 up.
Bill Baloh, Herminie, Pa. (152) def. Alex Antonio, Bentleyville, Ohio (152), 3 and 1.
Bill Heldmar, Tulsa, Okla. (150) def. Jack Vardaman, Washington, D.C. (154), 1 up.
Peter Green, Franklin, Mich. (150) def. Stuart Iliffe, Coral Gables, Fla. (154), 2 and 1.
Joel Hirsch, Chicago, Ill. (148) def. Roger Null, Wentzville, Mo. (156), 4 and 3.
Bill Gundersen, Renton, Wash. (153) def. Ted Lyford, Redlands, Calif. (151), 4 and 3.
O Gordon Brewer, Pine Valley, N.J. (156) def. Al Everett, Cumming, Ga. (149), 19 holes.
Marc Delzer, Brookfield, Wis. (150) def. William Liberato, Madison, Tenn. (153), 3 and 2.
Gary Menzel, Milwaukee, Wis. (145) def. Gene Ackerman, Elk Grove, Calif. (156), 22 holes.
Cliff Cunningham, Monroe, N.C. (152) def. Mills Rendell, Winnetka, Ill. (151) 3 and 2.
Don Taylor, Bluffton, S.C. (149) def. Tom Hadley, Hendersonville, N.C. (155), 3 and 2.
Richard Blooston, Edina, Minn. (153) def. Dick Van Leuvan, Roswell, Ga. (150), 19 holes.
Bill Ploeger, Columbus, Ga. (147) def. Tom Mattox, Humble, Texas (156), 1 up.
Michael Davis, El Dorado Hills, Calif. (151) def. Jack Forbes, Morgantown, W.Va. (153), 3 and 1.
Chuck Renner, Phoenix, Ariz. (149) def. Allen Sharpe, Monterey, Calif. (155), 1 up.
Robert Heaton, Antioch, Calif. (153) def. John Esterbrook, Francootown, N.H. (150), 5 and 4.
Lower Bracket
Mark Bemowski, Mukwonago, Wis. (144) def. Denny Alexander, Fort Worth, Texas (156), 20 holes.
John Lindholm, Grand Blanc, Mich. (151) def. Joseph D Cantrell, Louisville, Ky. (152), 3 and 2.
Woody Greene, Columbia, S.C. (154) def. Thomas Miller, Wichita Falls, Texas (150), 3 and 2.
Charles Persinger, Poca, W.Va. (154) def. Mike Rice, Houston, Texas (150), 3 and 2.
James Colman, St Joseph, Mo. (156) def. Vinny Giles III, Richmond, Va. (148), 1 up.
Dave Sergeant, Fort Dodge, Iowa (153) def. Michael Sanger, Hydes, Md. (151), 4 and 3.
E Thomas Jung, Chicago, Ill. (156) def. Van Salmans, Chicago, Ill. (149), 3 and 2.
Mike Riley, San Diego, Calif. (150) def. Chaney Ferrell, Piscataway, N.J. (153), 20 holes.
Kemp Richardson, Laguna Niguel, Calif. (145) def. Lenwood Ladd, Methuen, Mass. (156), 7 and 6.
Jay Pierson, Shreveport, La. (151) def. Clifford Davis, Suisun, Calif. (152), 2 up.
Ron Ramsey, San Diego, Calif. (149) def. Richard Hanington, Lloyd Harbor, N.Y. (155), 7 and 5.
Don Lucas, Valrico, Fla. (154) def. Earle Smith, Mesa, Ariz. (150), 7 and 6.
Robert Kulp, Winston-Salem, N.C. (147) def. Gene Parr, Crystal, Minn. (156), 21 holes.
Jim McMurtrey, Fair Oaks, Calif. (153) def. J David Carroll, Napa, Calif. (151), 19 holes.
Stephen Rose, New York, N.Y. (155) def. Elston Mitchell, Bloomington, Ill. (149), 3 and 2.
Dick Iverson, Lake Oswego, Ore. (150) def. Ronald Brewer, Leawood, Kan. (153), 1 up.