Right Place Wrong Outfit


This story is not about me, but my Uncle Fritz. Fritz passed away about three years ago otherwise he would be sending it himself. As avid a golfer as I have ever known, he instructed the surgeon to replace both his hips at one time so he wouldnt have to give up golf an extra three months later on. Anyway heres the story
He was a prosperous business man from North Dakota who knew an Augusta member. He was invited to stay and play three days at the great course. After one of the rounds, the group retired to their cabins to freshen up and later gather together at the dining room. Knowing only coats and ties were required, he asked his host if a blue and white pinstripe outfit was OK. Sounds OK with me, he was told. So he walks into the dining room dressed in blue and white pinstripe coveralls, a blue long-sleeve work shirt, with North Dakota State Penitentiary stenciled on the back, a large red scarf tied around this neck, and a corncob pipe in his mouth. An outfit that would look right at home in the Dakotas. His host all but fell back in his chair and started laughing so hard he almost started crying. Obviously, Uncle Fritz was the center of attention for about ten minutes. But it didnt last. Eventually the dining room manager came by and politely but firmly asked Fritz to please change into suitable attire, which he did.
When telling the story, my uncle would be laughing just as hard as if it had just happened. For all their tradition and etiquette, Id bet that even the venerable Bobby Jones would have had a good laugh.
- Chris, Huntington Beach, CA
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