Se Ri Pak Press Conference Transcript


LPGA: We will start and go over your score card; then we will do some questions.
SE RI PAK: First hole first bogey for the day. (Laughs). I missed the fairway to the left today. And I -- really, really bad lie, so I have to just chip it out. And around 96 to the pin. So used my A wedge and from 10, twelve feet just missed it, make a bogey. First birdie for the day is right next to our par 5. I hit a good drive and I hit 7-wood second shot and just short to the green. Like 15, actually, no, like 30, 25 feet, the chip. Like half foot close and I make a birdie. All the way through No. 9 another birdie for the day. Did I? Yes. Third shot I used my wedge, 97 to the hole and I get like six, seven feet, I make the putt. No. 13 I made another birdie. I used my pitching wedge and around six feet downhill, I make the putt. No. 14 I use my 9-iron, 3-quarter 9-iron, just pulled it left, around 25 feet, 30 feet, 25 feet. I make a short -- four, five feet left. I missed it, 3-putt so I make a bogey. 15 I use my 8-iron, 3-quarter 8-iron and around twelve feet. 17 I use my 7-iron and I get around five feet.
Q. Would you like to tell us about the round, how the course was playing?
SE RI PAK: Well actually last two days I really hang in there, so difficultly. Last few days different -- different feeling since last two weeks. I really have solid every shot, my driver, iron, every shot everything great. But suddenly last two days I have little bit of struggle from the tee and the fairway, so I pretty much (laughs)-- pretty much all day I am in the rough, you know, up-and-down, up and gown, and have difficult day last two days. But, well, actually my putting is still good. It feels really great and I make a lot of good putts and. Until now I have pretty good finish, I am really happy about that.
Q. Yesterday you played later and the wind kicked up. Today it was nice all day. Did the course just play a little easier today or is your game better today?
SE RI PAK: Actually golf course is not easy. Nothing different than yesterday. But yesterday was much difficult because of the little wind blowing. But today same thing, well, rough and green everything is same as before. The thing is today -- well, part of it didn't miss much fairways as yesterday. Still not great, but still not too bad from yesterday, still not too bad for yesterday. So I got a pretty -- well pretty hard to say. Pretty hard time to knock it closer because my iron all day pull left, every hole pretty much like -- I think it is 12 holes the same thing, like left, like left side of the pin so, I got it pretty hard to get a 2-putt. So I really, really had it today for my game. But you know, I just still pretty hang in there and make myself tough on the golf course. That is why I pretty much doing well as before.
Q. Do you feel you have a better chance to win when conditions are tough like on this course because it takes out so many other players?
SE RI PAK: Well, actually I can't tell exactly I have better chance because the golf game is very silly, you know, sometimes much better for me to get to play well, but sometimes it is pretty same condition as the other players. So especially this week along here you have a hard time because -- as long as we hit it straight, no problem. If not, we have pretty hard time to get up-and-down. So I don't think I have much chance to play well. What I do is trying to smart play outside. Doesn't matter -- try to hit the fairways as many as I can. I am hitting as many as I can. That is kind of just make myself comfortable, the opportunity, that is all I need to do for this week.
Q. Are you hitting anything different off the tee it to stay on the fairway?
SE RI PAK: No. Same thing. I can't change anything. But sometimes give me more worries because I always think okay keep it in the fairway, but that makes me way hook or way slice and make me hard time so just trying to be same routine as before. Just make myself really tough as I can.
Q. You are four shots back right now. I don't imagine that is too big of a concern with two days left on this golf course, right? Do you think four shots is well within?
SE RI PAK: Not too bad as long as we still have a two days left and as long as this golf course not going to be changed. Pat has really, really, I mean, has good play, I mean, good game. She hits it long and she hits it straight like normal players. She has really great, short game too. So it is not easy to beat her as last two days, but I do my best. And on this golf course you can't tell, so as long as I play as smart golf as I can it much better chance to, you know, to be in the top.
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