Seve Still a Believer Despite Woes


Seve Ballesteros still believes he can be competitive despite four years of subpar play.
'I believe in what I can achieve and I believe in me,' he reportedly told Reuters News Service. 'I am not interested in what people believe in me. I did say my motivation was low, but to pack up and go home is the easiest thing to do.
'All I have to do is prove to myself I can compete. I have good vibrations and good desire.'
Ballesteros is in the Madeira Island to play in the Madeira Island Open.
Ballesteros refused to talk about the bad times he has experienced of late.

'I'm not talking about anything from the past, especially if it is negative,' he said.. 'Ask me how I won the British Open in 1984, how I won the Masters in 1980 and 1983, how I won five World Match Plays.
'There have been too many negatives in the papers.'