South African Tour Announces Winter Schedule


The Sunshine Tour's plan to elevate its global status took another step with the announcement of the remaining eight tournaments that will complete this year's winter schedule.
This brings the total number of winter Order of Merit events to 13, taking the tour into November and the lead up to the summer section.
'What I can say is that this winter leg will be on a par with last year's at the very least. I'm confident we can do even better and clinch a few more events,' said Louis Martin, the Chief Executive of the Southern Africa Tour.
'We're well down the road with negotiations for events in Zimbabwe. We haven't finalized anything, but I'm confident we could get three tournaments in Zimbabwe.'
The expansion of the Sunshine Tour into Africa is part of Martin's vision of splitting the current tour into two tours with a summer and winter section. The three-month summer section is easily capable of standing on its own in world terms.
Martin aims to run the winter leg separately with its own Order of Merit and build on the current relationship with the European Challenge Tour.
'Our aim is to turn the winter leg into a Sunshine Challenge Tour. In this way we're creating more opportunities for our professionals to play overseas and for more prize money. That gives us a platform to elevate the whole tour,' said Martin.
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