Strange Beats Torrance Duo Furthers Peace Pact


Curtis Strange bettered Sam Torrance by three shots Tuesday in a Shells Wonderful World of Golf match at the new Carnegie Abbey course on Narragansett Bay.
The two Ryder Cup captains played in front of over 2,300 people on a gorgeous Rhode Island day, with American Strange just getting the better of his Scottish counterpart with a score of 73 and collecting $100,000 in the process.
For those who came looking for bloodshed, none was to be had, as the two have held a close friendship for some 26 years, stemming from when they first met on Stranges inaugural trip to Europe.
On Tuesday, that friendship brought about the rebirth of an old tradition for Septembers Ryder Cup with the reinstatement of the Victory Dinner.
An affair upon which all contestants will be asked to participate upon, the dinner is held at the conclusion of the final days play, and has traditionally been a good way for players to relax and ease tensions.
It has not been conducted for the last two Ryder Cup sessions, however.
1995 marked the last time it was held.
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