A Strong Foundation


It is rather easy to see that many successful people have a solid foundation upon which they have built their achievements. In fact, I would contend that a foundation is essential to every facet of a happy and productive life - whether at home, in school, at work, or on the golf course.
This message was ever-so apparent this week during the Tiger Woods Foundation Jr. Golf Clinic & Exhibition in Orlando.
Now that is what I call a foundation. Tiger has his Father, Earl Woods. Tiger has his coach, Butch Harmon. Tiger has his agent, Mark Steinberg. Tiger even has his golden retriever, Joey. And yes, Tiger does have his Foundation, The Tiger Woods Foundation.
While not all of us have an agent, a world-renowned coach, or charitable non-profit foundation (or even in some cases a well-behaved dog - I know I don't), we all do have foundations in our lives. It is this message that was clear throughout the time Tiger spent with the hundreds of young people in attendance.
His message was simple: To be successful, whether in being on the world stage as the best golfer to play the game, or simply in the classroom, or at home, we each have the chance to be the best we can be. We simply need to build and care for the foundations in our lives.
Earl Woods and Tiger both stressed the importance of leading an honest life with goals and the accountability to achieve them. These goals and dreams do not have to be on par with that of Tiger, nor anyone. They simply have to be your dreams, and if nurtured and built upon a strong foundation, anything is possible.