Supreme Court tells Circuit Court to Resolve Olinger Case


The lid of pandora's box has now been lifted.
On Monday, the Supreme Court sent Ford Olinger's case back to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court in Chicago with instructions to resolve the dispute in light of the Casey Martin decision.
'My first impression is, 'Great. We won,' ' said Olinger, 34. 'But until I see it from the 7th Circuit Court, in handwriting, I can't go anywhere.
Olinger- who has a degenerative hip that makes walking difficult - unsuccessfully sued the USGA for the right to use a cart at U.S. Open qualifying. In March 2000, the appeals court in Chicago ruled that use of a cart would alter the competition.
The high court's action makes it very likely that Olinger will get permission to use a cart in future qualifying.
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