Teen Oh Faces Australian Deportation


A breach of the Australian immigration statute has placed young standout Sarah Oh in danger of being deported to her native country of South Korea.
The 14-year-old prodigy, her parents and two sisters have been ordered to leave within a month after living in Australia for more than eight years. The family was described by Australian authorities as lawful non-citizens, but said they had only been granted temporary bridging visas which allow them to stay until an agreed departure date. That date, originally set for this week, had been deferred for a month.
The Ohs were arranging their own departure and leaving voluntarily, at their own expense, a spokeswoman said. It was understood their chances of applying to remain in Australia had been severely jeopardized because they had overstayed for so long.
It was Sarahs exploits on the golf course that brought the family to the attention of authorities. Sarah, who started playing golf at the age of 10, reduced her handicap to four within two years and has won a number of junior tournaments. She was among nine young stars selected for Women's Golf Australia's 2003 junior development squad.