Tour Tourney Officials Work Without Pact


The Professional Association of Golf Officials - the PGA Tour's tournament referees - have been working without a contract the past 10 months. The goup is growing tired of waiting for the tour to make a satisfactory proposals.
President Wade Cagle told the Florida Times-Union that the group is not threatening a strike, but is clearly unhappy. The union has filed a grievance against the tour, the Times-Union reported, claiming that rules officials should be entitled to overtime pay. The PGA Tour contends that the officials meet the Labor Department's definition of salaried employees.
'We've worked without a contract for 10 months, but our allegiance is to the game and the players,' Cagle told the Times-Union. 'We've tried to talk, and it seems like they've (the PGA Tour) gone as far as they're going. What they've offered is not satisfactory to us.'
Cagle also told the Times-Union that another point of contention is a policy regarding air travel. Rules officials have been required to buy coach tickets since April 21.