US Squad Wins Palmer Cup


After holding a slight lead following Thursdays Four-ball and Foursome matches the U.S. team came out smoking in the Friday singles in the Palmer Cup, held at the Greg Norman-designed Boonbeg golf course in County Clare, Ireland.
Winning the first four singles matches of the day, the U.S. increased its lead from the previous days 4 1/2-to-3 1/2 margin to a five-point advantage. The team earned six of the possible eight points during the morning session, finishing 10 1/2 to 5 1/2 before heading into the afternoon.
Unfortunately for the GB&I squad it was more of the same after lunch, with the U.S. reeling off wins in three of the first four matches, then settling for four halves to clinch the title. Its the fourth triumph overall for the U.S. in their sixth meeting against the team from Great Brtiain and Ireland.
I couldnt be more proud of the team, said American coach Chris Haack. It was tough going out there today. GB&I played outstanding golf, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for their games.
Though the outcome seemed somewhat lopsided, the matches themselves were very close and hotly contested. Most of the matches, 15 in fact, came down to the 18th hole before the points were decided. A total of seven matches were halved.
The U.S. was led by Bill Haas, son of PGA Tour star Jay Haas, with a perfect 4-0 record, followed by D.J. Trahan and Nick Watney, each with three points.
The GB&I team could only muster two wins in the 16 singles matches, which sealed their fate.

Friday July 12
Morning Singles Matches

(USA) Bill Haas
def. (GB&I) Oliver Wilson, 2-up
(USA) Nick Watney
def. (GB&I) Philip Rowe, 1-up
(USA) John Klauk
def. (GB&I) Geoff Harris, 2-up
(GB&I) Stuart Manley
halved with (USA) Ryan Hybl
(GB&I) Stuart Wilson
halved with (USA) Brock Mackenzie
(USA) Lee Williamson
def. (GB&I) Andy Smith, 3 and 2
(GB&I) Justin Walters
def. (USA) Hunter Mahan, 2 and 1
(USA) D.J. Trahan
def. (GB&I) Justin Kehoe, 3 and 2

Afternoon Singles Matches
(USA) Bill Haas
def. (GB&I) Oliver Wilson, 2-up
(USA) Nick Watney
def. (GB&I) Philip Rowe, 1-up
(GB&I) Justin Kehoe
def. (USA) John Klauk, 3 and 1
(USA) Ryan Hybl
def. (GB&I) Justin Walters, 7 and 6
(GB&I) Stuart Wilson
halved with (USA) Brock Mackenzie
(GB&I) Stuart Manley
halved with (USA) Lee Williamson
(GB&I) Andy Smith
halved with (USA) Hunter Mahan
(GB&I) Geoff Harris
halved with (USA) D.J. Trahan

Thursday July 11
Four-ball Matches

(GB&I) Philip Rowe and Oliver Wilson
def. (USA) Brock Mackenzie and Nick Watney, 1-up
(GB&I) Andy Smith and Justin Walters
def. (USA) Ryan Hybl and Lee Williamson, 6 and 4
(USA) John Klauk and Hunter Mahan
def. (GB&I) Geoff Harris and Stuart Manley, 1-up
(USA) Bill Haas and D.J. Trahan
def. (GB&I) Justin Kehoe and Stuart Wilson, 1-up

Foursomes (Alternate Shot)
(GB&I) Philip Rowe and Oliver Wilson
halved with (USA) Ryan Hybl and Lee Williamson
(USA) Brock Mackenzie and Nick Watney
def. (GB&I) Andy Smith and Justin Walters, 6 and 4
(GB&I) Geoff Harris and Stuart Manley
def. (USA) John Klauk and Hunter Mahan, 5 and 4
(USA) Bill Haas and D.J. Trahan
def. (GB&I) Justin Kehoe and Stuart Wilson, 2 and 1

USA Individual Records
Bill Haas4-0
D.J. Trahan3-0-1
Nick Watney3-1
John Klauk2-2
Ryan Hybl1-1-2
Brock Mackenzie1-1-2
Lee Williamson1-1-2
Hunter Mahan1-2-1
Team Total16-8-8

GB&I Individual Records
Justin Walters2-2
Stuart Manley1-1-2
Philip Rowe1-2-1
Andy Smith1-2-1
Geoff Harris1-2-1
Oliver Wilson1-2-1
Justin Kehoe1-3
Stuart Wilson0-2-2
Team Total8-16-8