USGA Proposes Club Changes


USGAThe United States Golf Association has announced plans to place restrictions for the first time on clubhead size and the length of clubs other than putters.
The USGA proposed to set a limit whereby a clubhead can displace no more than 385 cubic centimeters (cc) of volume. The vast majority of clubs already conforming to the Rules of Golf and currently in use will not be affected by these proposals. Most drivers submitted before 2001 were less than 350 cc.
Golf's governing body in the states also proposed to limit overall club length ' not including putters ' to a maximum of 47 inches. Measurements will be made along the axis of the shaft from the end of the butt end of the grip to a point where the continuation of the centerline of the shaft would intersect the ground while the club is held in normal address position.
In addition, the USGA announced plans to update its method of testing golf balls for conformance to the Rules of Golf. This new procedure would utilize an Indoor Test Range (ITR) to monitor the overall distance that a ball may travel. The ITR is expected to produce more accurate results than the current outdoor method, which may be affected by weather conditions, and can be used year-round.
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