Wales Open is Wide Open


Stephen Dodd and Steve Webster. Peter Hanson and Robert-Jan Derksen. Little-known names all, but each a winner on the European Tour, on European soil, this season.
The tour plays the Celtic Manor Wales Open this week, and a major overhaul appears to be in the making. Maybe its not just the traditional powers anymore. Maybe its about the entire tour, top to bottom.
I just think it's a question that this tour is not about the seven or eight best players anymore, said Thomas Bjorn, who has been a key player for several years now. It's about the whole tour.
Everybody that tees it up in this field can play the game. If you're 50th on the money list or you're third in the money list, it doesn't really matter. If you go out and play your best game, you'll get around any golf course, and then it's a question of having it on Sunday.
I just think we've just had a run where we've been surprised and people start talking about the golf course, is it the golf course; is it something wrong with it; is it the equipment has changed. I just think these guys have played well, and they are good players, all of them.
Bjorn won the Daily Telegraph British Masters three weeks ago, so hes certainly not complaining. But he thinks many of the so-called lesser known players are coming into their own this season.
It's important for any player to win golf tournaments and know that they have that feeling inside of them and know that they can stand up when they need to and hit good shots. That was important for me.
I've come close a lot of times over the last couple of years, and it becomes this. I mean, Padraig (Harrington) was through it for a long time, this finishing second; (David) Duval was through it a long time finishing second, and it becomes difficult to listen to all of the questions. The guy that finishes second is often the guy that people follow or something because he's the guy that came close. I'd rather finish second in golf tournaments than finish 54th, that's for sure. And being gone is when you don't compete in golf tournaments, but I have competed in a lot of golf tournaments over the last couple of years.
So I don't really feel like I wasn't playing good enough. I just felt like, you know, it was nice to win a golf tournament, and it was nice to stand there and look two guys in the eyes and hit the shots that I had to hit at that given time to do enough, and that's I mean, that's an important thing for any player out here.
There are two courses which comprise the Celtic Manor layout, and it will be the first time the Roman Road course has been used for the tournament. The rebuilding of the Wentwood Hills course continues ahead of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

As a result the Roman Road course will host the event for the next two years. The Roman Road is some 600 yards shorter than its younger brother and will play to a par 69, presenting a tough challenge for the 156 players in the field. Penal rough and demanding greens will be its main defense.
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