Wongluekiets Advance in Pinehurst


The Wongluekiets continued their march into the Womens North and South Amateur Wednesday at Pinehursts No. 2 course, winning both their matches on the first day of match play.
Qualifying Medallist Naree Song Wongluekiet (71-70-141) beat Jessica Lewis 3-and-2 in the morning match and then ran over Kelly Anders 5-and-4 in the afternoon.
Aree Wongluekiet ' who finished third in the two-day stroke play qualifying portion of the event at even-par 143 ' ousted first Kimberly Rowton 3-and-2 and then Diana Ramage 1-up.
In other matches, qualifying runner-up Elizabeth Burden (72-70-142) also advanced into the second day of match play, beating Nicole Cutler 2-and-1 and Maria Garcia-Estrada 4-and-3.
Seasoned veteran Carol Semple Thompson moved on as well, winning her matches on Wednesday against Katie Futcher and Elizabeth Janangelo.
Results from the 99th Womens North and South Amateur Championship played at the Pinehurst No. 2 course in Pinehurst, N.C.:

*Second Round Upper Half:
Candy Hannemann def. Laura Coble, 5-and-4
Mimi Epps def. Leigh Anne Hardin, 4-and-3
Aree Wongluekiet def. Diana Ramage, 1-up
Laura Myerscough def. Courtney Swaim, 5-and-4
*Second Round Lower Half:
Naree Wongluekiet def. Kelly Anders, 5-and-4
Carol Semple Thompson def. Elizabeth Janangelo, 19 holes
Elizabeth Burden def. Maria Garcia-Estrada, 4-and-3
Meredith Duncan def. Hilary Homeyer, 4-and-3
*First Round Upper Half:
Candy Hannemann def. Robin Burke, 20 holes
Laura Coble def. Katie Brenny, 6-and-5
Leigh Anne Hardin def. Stephanie George, 3-and-2
Mimi Epps def. Courtney Pomeranz, 4-and-3
Aree Wongluekiet def. Kimberly Rowton, 3-and-2
Diana Ramage def. Perry Swenson, 19 holes
Laura Myerscough def. Virada Nirapathpongporn, 3-and-2
Courtney Swaim def. Ellen Port, 5-and-4
*First Round Lower Half:
Naree Wongluekiet def. Jessica Lewis, 3-and-2
Kelly Anders def. Emily Anne Gilley, 1-up
Elizabeth Janangelo def. Meghan Bolger, 3-and-2
Carol Semple Thompson def. Katie Futcher, 4-and-2
Elizabeth Burden def. Nicole Cutler, 2-and-1
Maria Garcia-Estrada def. Sarah Jacobs, 2-and-1
Meredith Duncan def. Sally Krueger, 1-up
Hilary Homeyer def. Sherry Herman, 5-and-4
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