Woods Speaks on Augusta National Debate


After being blasted by the media and slammed in the court of public opinion for not taking a definitive stance on the admission of females at Augusta National Golf Club, Tiger Woods made his opinion known Tuesday on his website, tigerwoods.com.
Everyone has to understand that Augusta isnt quick to change things, he said. No matter what I or the press say, they do things at their own pace, such as allowing the first black golfer to play or join the club, and wont buckle to outside pressure.
Would I like to see women members? Yes, that would be great, but I am only one voice.
That voice, however, comes from the most prominent professional in any sport. Woods was asked at the British Open to speak out on the fact that Augusta National, which hosts the Masters Tournament, does not have any females among its estimated 300 members. This after the exclusive club came under fire from the National Council of Womens Organizations for its all-male membership.
Woods, at the time, said the choice was Augustas to make. And though he has added he would like to see females admitted, he doesnt believe such a change will take place any time soon.
Im not even a regular member, Im an honorary member, and its going to take a lot more than me, a womens group or the media for Augusta to change its policy, said the two-time defending Masters champion.
In his monthly diary, Woods also sounded off on a matter concerning his girlfriend, Swedish model Elin Nordegren.
Apparently, some nude photos are making the rounds on the Internet that some claim are my girlfriend, he wrote. Although she has done some swimsuit modeling, she has never posed nude, nor does she have any intent to do so.
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