Woods Works With Butch Harmon


Tiger Woods apparently is relying on the services of his long-time coach, Butch Harmon, again.
Woods has visited Harmon's golf school in Las Vegas since he had a knee operation, according to the British newspaper The Independent.
'When he came to see me, he was only able to hit 100 balls a day,' Harmon told the newspaper. 'He's really just working on the mechanics of his swing. He felt during the rehab he had a real opportunity to just work on his mechanics so when he comes back he's going to feel really good about it.
'I talked to him the other night and he had just played 18 holes and the knee felt really good so it'll be interesting to see what happens. Right now the only thing in his mind is to get healthy and get his game in shape for the Masters. He says for the first time in a couple of years there's no pain in his knees and he feels really strong and he's raring to go.'