3 Warm-Ups Before that BIG Corporate Golf Outing


Corporate golf outings are ideal for building stronger relations with your clients, but not always good for your golf game. Many outings try to pack too many activities into the day such as a meeting, speaker or a clinic before the round, so there is not always time to get in a proper warm up before the first tee. Here is a quick and simple warm up routine that you can do in less than 3 minutes to get you warmed up and ready to play.
Try this warm up routine the next time you play in an outing. It is a great way to stretch your entire body to help you play your best and help you avoid injury.
  1. Upper Body Stretch-

    • Start in your address position with your feet shoulder width apart.

    • Hold a club out in front of you so that the club is parallel to the ground.

    • Place your left hand on the club with your palm facing the sky and your right hand on the club with your palm facing the ground.

    • Flip the club over so that your left palm faces the ground and your right palm faces the sky, keeping your arms extended.

    • Hold stretch for 20 seconds.

    • Return to start position, adjust hands and flip the club over to stretch the other side.



  1. Core Stretch-

    • Stand in your address position, tilting from your hips sockets as if you were going to hit a ball.

    • Place a club behind your back, looping your arms around the club and place your hands on your stomach.

    • Turn to the right (or left, if you are left-handed) as if you were completing your backswing and hold the position for 20 seconds.

    • Slowly turn the left as is you were making a downswing, complete your swing and hold your finish position for 20 seconds.




  1. Lower Body Stretch-

    • Stand with feet shoulder with apart, holding a club behind your back with your palms facing forward.

    • Slowly bend from your hip sockets, dropping the club behind your legs to your ankles.

    • Bend your knees slightly.

    • Hold stretch for 20 seconds and then return to starting position.




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