5 Ways to Stop Pain On and Off the Course


Is your pain affecting your golf game?
Is it affecting your life?
Are you tired of it?

Pain is an indicator. Your body was created with this indicator to tell you when it is time to take care of the issue. If you dont take care of it, further injury can occur, which leads to more dysfunction, more compensation and less athleticism.
So, do you play golf with pain?
Then guess what. You are actually making your game worse! Thats right; every time you play with pain you either begin or reinforce a compensation cycle. This cycle is completely disruptive to your ability to reproduce a consistent swing, and will affect your natural body mechanics.
So, what does that mean?
For most golfers it means that youll have to spend more time and money with your golf instructor so she can teach you compensating movements to enable you to continue playing the game. Why wouldnt you want to go to your golf instructor with the best physical platform he can work with? When you do that, thats when your game actually changes for the good ' and permanently. Its called progress.
So, how do you prevent this cycle from beginning, and how do you stop it?
Simple: exercise and lifestyle changes!
If you are like the average golfer, you are between the ages of 32 and 56. In this demographic, studies show that most have some kind of regular pain; decreased range of motion and function in one or more joints; or decreased overall athletic function.
If that describes you, is that acceptable? Why is it that our society has accepted the fact that as people get older they must simply accepts living with pain and decreased activity?
I think it is absurd that that this is considered the norm. Fight back, I say!
Take your body back. Take back your ability to play golf or play with your kids or grand-kids without pain and lack of athleticism.
So what is the best way to get rid of my pain and dysfunction on the golf course?
The answer is simple: exercise ...
And eat a well-balanced diet consisting of lots of organic food, nd get good sleep,
And drink good water,
And play!
1. Exercise
You must exercise in some manner for at least 30 minutes every day. I recommend that you find a highly qualified exercise or conditioning coach. Your coach should perform some level of baseline testing to determine your bodys weaknesses and dysfunctions to create a highly specific exercise and stretching program based on your requirements (as opposed to a generic program). This is important because the fitness industry generally approaches exercise programs for everyone the same way, when in fact you are like no one else in this world. Think of it this way: we are like snowflakes. We all know that no two snowflakes are identicalever! And no two people are the same, either. This is why you need a coach that does testing. Baseline testing allows for an individually tailored approach to your fitness requirements.
In addition to cardio work, weight training or resistance training is critical to your success. Some of the many benefits of these forms of strength building are:
- Improved posture, the foundation of movement.
- Increased blood flow to the peripheral parts of the body; an example of the benefit for treating high blood pressure.
- Strengthening of:
Skeletal system
Cardiovascular system
The brain
- Improved balance and coordination.
- Heightened body awareness.
- Better stability and mobility.
- Improved performance of the bodys organ systems.
Do you think any of those seven items are important to golf or better yet-game improvement?
2. Eat Healthy
Organic Food is GOOD!
I am certain youve heard that your food is only as good as the soil it grew in. Well, believe it and make the change to organic for you and your familys sake. There are many benefits to eating organic foods, for not only yourself, but for our environment and when it comes to golf, organic food is so much more dense in its nutrition that your body consume less, provides more energy, and allows you to get down to your fighting weight. And we all know that if you are at an ideal weight, you will have more energy on the course to perform at your best, physically and mentally.
3. Get Good Sleep
Do you know most people are walking around in a foggy daze because of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and not drinking enough water? When you compound that with internal and external stressors at work and at home, do you actually think anyone can get good quality sleep?
The answer is no!
Ideally, you should go to bed at 9:30 p.m., and be asleep by 10:00.You should wake up around 6:00 a.m., and when you do, you should feel rested and ready to go. This time schedule is important because your body heals itself physically between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. It then shifts into mental recovery from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. You can see how important that is! So, get to sleep, and dont be afraid to take naps during the day.
4. Drink Good Water
Ladies and gentlemen, you are dehydrated! Unless you are drinking 8-10, 8oz glasses of water a day, you very well could be dehydrated. Dehydration is linked to so many common ailments including dry skin, arthritis, high cholesterol high blood pressure to name a few ' and it makes sense, since our body is 70 percent water, our cells rely on it!
Every one of the over trillion cells in our body rely on water for normal function. If you dont get enough water every day, you will affect your bodys function at the most important level, the cell.
If you are dehydrated, it does not just affect your physical performance, but your mental performance as well. In other words, if you regularly feel mentally sluggish, be aware of your water consumption. Chances are you are not drinking enough.
In the simplest terms, think of water to the body as oil and gas are to a car. If you deplete either of these fluids, it will only be a short time before you must call a tow truck. Being dehydrated is the same to the body: if you run short on water, every function in your body will be affected, and you will be calling your doctor.
So, if you want to have an effective golf game, and have plenty of energy, vitality and health, drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.
5. Play
Get outside and play!
Go hike, camp, fish, surf, take a walk, climb, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, swim, jump into a creek, jump off a rock, motocross, trail run, cross-country ski, paddle, backpack, rollerblade, road bike, skate board, mountain board, or whatever gets you moving.
And especially get out and golf!
Almost all of the activities listed above can be done anywhere in the United States. So, whats your excuse for not enjoying at least a couple of extra activities in addition to golf? I encourage you to be active and to exercise so that you can enjoy all of these activities whenever you want without limitations.
Life is about living to its fullest, not to your inabilities. Play golf with the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY!
Now it is time to step up and follow these five recommendations and watch for improvement, not just in your golf game, but your entire life and all it has to offer, as well.
Since 1999, Dee Tidwell has been working with specialty athletes including PGA Tour playing pros including Arron Oberholser and Joe Durant, as well as collegiate golfers. He is the only level three TPI certified golf fitness instructor in the state of Colorado, as well as nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Dee can be contacted at deetidwell@hotmail.com.

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