Build a solid foundation for your golf swing


What is the common theme amongst all professional golfers and low handicappers? It is not the shape of their swing; there is no perfect way to swing. All highly skilled golfers finish in perfect balance.

To gain perfect balance, you need to have a stable base and eliminate excessive lower body movement. If you feel like you are swinging, standing on banana peels, then try this exercise for increased lower body stability and strength.

Step 1:

Set up in your normal golf stance. Then place your lead leg directly behind you, balancing on your toes as if you were standing on a balance beam. Engage your core muscles (in Pilates, as with other exercise techniques, you want to create a strong, stable foundation of movement by employing the muscles of the pelvic floor and all of the abdominal muscles or your ‘core’ by simply inhaling and tightening your muscles in this area).


Step 2:

Swing to the top of your backswing and then to your impact position for 8 repetitions in slow motion. Be sure you are sinking into your glute muscles for stability and balance.


Step 3:

Return to your normal golf stance and make full swings sensing the stability in your lower body. This is a great drill for golfers of all levels. Incorporate this exercise into your daily workout routine to help increase lower body's stability and strength.

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