Get Rid of a Reverse Pivot


The reverse pivot is one of the most common swing faults among the average golfers. Ideally, you want your weight to shift to your back leg, away from the target, on the backswing to create power. A reverse pivot happens when the weight goes towards the target on the backswing and the weight ends up on the forward leg at the top of the swing. The spine may also tilt towards the target on the backswing indicating a classic reverse pivot. In a reverse pivot it is virtually impossible to create momentum on the downswing resulting in loss of power. For many, a reverse pivot comes from having a stiff neck. If your neck is stiff or lacks flexibility then it is virtually impossible to rotate your body correctly.
Allowing your head to rotate slightly on the backswing encourages your spine to rotate in the correct fashion and your weight to shift into position. Increasing flexibility in your neck will not only help you fix the reverse pivot, but will help you create power in your golf swing. By freeing up your neck, you will be able to create the correct body motion in your swing.

Neck Rotation
Turn your head to one side, keeping your chin level and hold for 20 seconds.
You can add a little more stretch by pushing your chin with your fingertips.
Repeat exercise on the other side.

Neck Flexion
Flex your neck to bring your chin as close to your chest as you can go and hold position for 20 seconds.
Slowly raise your head back to look at the sky and hold position for 20 seconds.

Lateral Neck Stretch
Looking straight ahead cock your head to the side as if you were trying to bring your ear to your shoulder. Hold position for 20 seconds.
Keep your shoulders relaxed. Avoid lifting your shoulders.
Repeat excercise and opposite side.


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