Pain It is all in your head or is it


By Beth Pry
Woman RelaxingNothing seems to stop us in our tracks like pain. When we are aching and sore, life becomes unsettling. The most mundane dutyimpossible. You may find it tough to focus on anything, and for some it is even difficult to move about. Then, what happens to our mood? Lets not even go there.
You may become even more exasperated looking for solutions to ease the pain. You may have tried NSAIDS only to learn of the purported kidney damage. You may have consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and been unhappy with the doctors recommendation. Perhaps you visited a pain doctor and received an epidural or Botox injection into the affected muscles, and still are not completely relieved of pain.
Last but not least, have you considered eliminating the pain from a holistic standpoint? There is much study about alternative pain relief. In fact, Louise Hay, a famous author and teacher, published her first book in 1987 about how to mentally release pain. Wayne Dyer has spoken for decades about how we are in control of how we physically and mentally feel. Even the medical community addresses alternative means of pain relief.
Some alternative modalities require the expertise of a practioner, like acupuncture or chiropractic. However, there are some alternative methods that only require an open mind and willingness to help oneself. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of these methods. EFT was discovered by Gary Craig, a NASA scientist, in 1984. Craig has proved that pain does not seem to have an emotional origin. Craig proves in his technique that we hold pain, both physically and emotionally, in our bodies. He further asserts that all pain does have an emotional component. EFT is administered by tapping on certain parts of our face and hand while speaking a suggested statement out loud. By doing so, we are releasing negative emotions which are stored in the body as pain.
Now is the time to put theory into practice. Use this method when you are experiencing pain or discomfort. I have adapted Craigs method into my own. I call it FREE (Finding Relief from Emotional Entanglement).
Begin by sitting down in a comfortable seat, with no interruptions. Close your eyes. Take in a deep breath, exhale and repeat four times. With your eyes closed, ask yourself, If my pain were an emotion, what emotion would it be? Allow your thoughts to surface and know that the answer will be provided to you. Accepting the first thought as valid, begin the set up by saying in a convicted tone, Even though I am feeling (insert emotion here), I choose to be free. After you say the mantra, lightly tap on the meaty side of your hand, where you would karate chop. Use your index finger from your non-dominant hand to tap on your dominant hand. Tap lightly and continuously while saying the mantra you used in the set up, Even though I am feeling ________, I choose to be free. Repeat this pattern two more times. Still with closed eyes, take another deep breath however, this time, breathe into the center of the pain. If you have a headache, breathe into headache. If you have a sore lower back, breathe into where the pain resides in your back. Be sure to powerfully exhale as if expelling something unwanted. Once you breathe into the pain, exhale strongly from the mouth; imagine that you are expelling the pain from your body. Continue this process until you notice that the pain is subsiding. You may have to breathe and exhale eight times or so. After the pain has subsided, begin tapping again on the same hand and say to yourself, Although I have released this pain, I still choose to be free. Repeat this two more times. At this point, you should be feeling relaxed and comfortable. If you are still uncomfortable, continue breathing into the pain center and powerfully release the pain from yourself. You dont need it anymore.
The FREE technique can be used in all situations and at all times. It is easy to learn and very powerful. The only required tools are an open mind, your hands and your lungs. Know that you are in charge of how you feel. You can take control and eliminate your pain simply by using your own mind and body. Be happy, healthy and well! Start tapping!
Beth Pry is a Mental Performance Coach, and specializes in hypnotherapy. She works with many professional and competitive golfers throughout the country.

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